5 tips to get what you want in 2022

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2022 is here in a matter of days and this can be either exciting or daunting. After all, one day, a magical January 1st won’t make our current problems just suddenly go away, now pay the bills. It takes more than that.

If you are like me, you are dealing with a serious shiny object syndrome which means you tend to start something, hoping it will help with one of your problems, then you realize that it takes a lot of work to actually make it happen. Then another awesome solution appears, with a promise of fixing everything way quicker and it just seems like the perfect match…then you sign up on it, hoping for that big change. And the story goes on and on… 

These 5 steps helped me to get what I wanted in 2021 and get out of this loop, and I am so happy and grateful for doing them. So, now I’m sharing them with you so we can also have a successful year, in 2022!

Pick ONE product or service

This should be easy, even if you have tons of ideas on what you could sell. I know, you can get people a lot of great results! You are talented, and you can help people with many things! You can heal their gut, manage their hormones, help them get in shape, eat healthier, build new useful habits and even teach them how to be more gentle to themselves. The thing is, even if you can do all this, you shouldn’t because it’s just physically impossible to provide great value in so many areas. You’ll burn yourself out (maybe again) in 2022 and we are looking for a more confident, more sustainable way of living, not the other way around.

How to choose which one to go for?
First, write down all your products and services, like a brain dump, just get it all out. Second, look at the lowest hanging fruit. Which one of your products or services is the easiest to get done, launch and generate money with? (After all, we are all here to make money, so the faster it can come the better.)

Third, if something looks easy, but you really don’t feel like doing it, like in your gut, that’s a good sign that you should probably not do it. Yes, I am giving you the permission to just ditch that idea and move on to something that actually makes you happy.  Making good money (and having a business you love) comes from having one fantastic offer that sells well and creates happy customers – and a happy business owner. Period.

Don’t be afraid to invest

There is a terminology used in economics called sunk cost. A sunk cost is money that you spent (it’s already gone and ain’t coming back) but it wasn’t worth it. Oh, and it hunts you and makes you feel awful…how could you be so reckless, spending all that money and then no result…Well, sometimes we do choose badly and we do spend our money on the wrong things, that is natural. Beating yourself up for it is not, it won’t help, just hold you back from actually growing.
I like to call these sunk costs “learning fees” like I just paid someone to teach me a lesson. And I had some really great lessons, and expensive ones too, but the bottom line is, I am happy it happened because I feel so much wiser now. It doesn’t mean it won’t happen again, but I am way more gentle with myself now + accept these as normal. It doesn’t mean that you should just throw your money out the window – but embrace the opportunity and take what’s best out of it.

For example, if you think, “but I spent a lot of money on my funnels already, so I won’t hire a professional web designer even though it’s exactly what I need,” then you need a (seriously loving) business lesson.
Do not prevent yourself from investing in your business just because you spent money elsewhere. I still invest at least $5k annually into my own personal & business development and it has always resulted in higher income.
Investing in your education and growth is part of making great money.
You know what else could be a sunk cost? A program of service you’ve been trying to sell for months (or years!). If it hasn’t made great money yet, you need to rethink either your offer or the structure of your offer.
Sunk costs are a part of business. We all deal with them. Don’t let sunk costs sink your business, now or in the future.

Validate your offer before putting a ton of work into it.

Have you heard about MVP? MVP stands for a minimum viable product, the bare minimum of the product/service you offer. An MVP helps you to save time and money on a product/service that is not desired by your clients.

Whether you’re a coach, a trainer, designer, medical professional, or another service provider, you MUST validate your minimum viable offer before you spend the time creating it.
The best way to do it is to create a prototype or a beta version of a service that you can send out to existing clients or offer up to new clients, e.g smaller groups. Make sure you explain that this is just a beta offer and that you’ll be needing their feedback. Once they experience your MVP ask specific questions about how they felt, how it helped them with their own problems, what would they change about it, etc.

Then use those feedbacks to make your product/service even better.
Yes, it can happen that the feedback will be all negative, but don’t get caught up on it, it’s actually good, because you’ll know this is not something your customers are interested in, so you can start to focus on the next product/service and test it out. I know this could seem time consuming, but it is better to spend less time on more offers, and once you have the winner make it perfect, than put all the eggs in one basket, in one offer that is not even needed.

Manage your priorities

Did you know that the word “priority” is meant to be singular? There’s no such thing as priorities. Make it a goal to accomplish one small thing every day and you will be set far ahead of the curve.
For example, when I was preparing to become a full-time entrepreneur, I had a lot of things in my mind on what should be done by the time I got there. It felt chaotic and stressful, so I decided to narrow it down to the most important ones: finances, knowledge, and mental health.

With finances, my goal was to save a certain amount every month to have enough savings in the future in case I needed it. With knowledge, I set myself to learn a certain topic every week for at least 2-3 hours to feel more confident in that topic and to be able to use it in my own processes.

With mental health, I set myself a goal to journal daily, even if a couple of sentences about how I feel and to understand how my ego is trying to talk me out of doing this.
It only took a couple of minutes daily, weekly and monthly but the result was so much different, and by the time I get to actually leaving my 9-5, I felt powerful, confident and excited.

Success does not happen in one day. Success is the culmination of many small steps taken over time. Now, it can happen quickly, but it’s not all at once. You can make phenomenal progress in 12 weeks if you take one small action step each day.

Invest in yourself

Surround yourself with people who have what you want and you will get what you want, too. This could be a program with a coach or joining a mastermind. Joining a mastermind this year took me from “I am not sure how to do this” to “I know I can figure it out”. You can’t do it all alone and that is okay and you don’t need to know the answers to everything, you just have to trust that you’ll find the solution.

Align yourself with people who have what you want in order to grow.
This stands for personal relationships as well. If the people around you don’t support your dreams, ideas then start looking for people who do. In the past couple of years, I lost connection with several people.

I thought we were going to be friends forever, but our lives just grew apart. I felt horrible and blamed myself for it. I tried to please them for a while, but then I understood that this is normal and I feel way better when I am surrounded by people who actually are interested in me, what I do, and who support me in every possible way. This is so encouraging and helpful, you don’t want to miss out on it!

When looking at new programs or a professional to work with, don’t just look at what they teach you, but how they make you feel. If you are looking for growth in 2022, you’ll need a great supporter and a cheerleader on your side.

Whether you work with me or someone else (for real, please choose what’s best for you!), you need to honestly look inside of yourself and think about what is that you desire. I’m here to help small business owners who want to get more presence online in 2022 by creating websites that sell. If you want my help in 2022, I would love to be there for you.


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