In 1 day Ivo got a strategically designed, beautiful website that resonates with his target audience, the elite of New York

one-page website

I really enjoyed working on this project thanks to all the amazing before-after photos Ivo shared with me and thanks to the the challenge a construction company can face while trying to attract high-end New Yorkers who are looking for quality work and materials. 

Project details

  • Mini-brand that resonates with the target audience
  • UX copy to attract ideal clients
  • Customized training videos
  • Regular meetings, check-ins
  • Post-project support

The goal of the project

Creating a one-page website that showcases Ivo's expertise and experience in the construction business and that talks to his target audience, the New York Elite.

  • Project name: One-page website
  • Timeline: 1 day
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Mockups done in Figma

We started off with a detailed workshop to understand Ivo's business, brand and target audience. Based on our discussion, I put together a mini-brand with visuals to match his business and a website mockup. After he signed off on the design, I built it in one day and handed over after the project was done.

The Result

Branded website designed to attract Ivo's target audience

Strategically written copy that explains his work and expertise

Easy-to-use one-page website to showcase his portfolio

This is a great example of how much difference can it make to have even just a mini-brand session and a one-page site. Showcasing your expertise doesn't require multiple pages and full website. Can be done quickly, on time and on a tight budget.

"I was blown away how quickly I had my new website in my hands. It wasn't just quick but the training videos were really thorough and personalized. I really enjoyed the post-project support too, Orsi was very responsive and helped me several times even months after we launched my site."

- Ivo

Let's elevate your business as well

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If you've got inspired by this project and would like to embark on a similar experience where you end up with a strategic design and confidence, hit the button below and let's talk.

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