In 1 day Welly got a fully designed sales page ready to launch and promote her new online coaching program

Sales page design

Welly is one of my first clients and we've been working together for years now. We started out with redesigning her whole brand and website back in 2019, then as her business grew she launched new pilates, coaching and nutrition programs along the year. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to develop her site each year and to create sales pages to all her programs and be part of her amazing journey.

Project details

  • Strategy call & customized questionnaire
  • Customized training videos
  • Regular meetings, check-ins
  • Post-project support

The goal of the project

Creating a sales page that represents Welly as an expert in her field and showcases the features, benefits and results of her new program.

  • Project name: Done-in-a-day Sales Page
  • Timeline: 1 day
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Mockups: were done in Adobe XD

I used Welly's original brand style and matched it with the new sales page. This is recommended when you want to keep consistency and help people understand your brand and message better.
Using the same font style for headlines and titles is a good way to differentiate information + to distribute long texts into easily digestible shunks.

You don't need more then 3-4 colors to make a sales page attractive. But you can always play with them to highlight and group certain elements together. We kept this simple and assigned a color to each purpose - for headlines, subtitles, body copy and buttons.

Picking photos needs to be intentional not just to look nice but also to help users understand the information you'd like to share in that section.
We made sure that the photos work well with the brand and represent the topic perfectly. Finally, we kept this in balance with both text and images for a seamless user experience and places them strategically to increase conversion.

The Result

On-brand design that matches her site and attracts ideal clients

Strategically placed content for seamless conversion

A fully functioning, ready-to-launch sales page in just 1 day

"I launched several programs each year which already has its stress, but working with you ensured that one thing I never have to worry about, how the sales page will look like and whether it will perform. It always did."

- welly

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