How corporate jobs can be your biggest motivators to become an entrepreneur

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Are you feeling desperate in your corporate jobs? Changing companies every 1-2 years, looking for a better place but always ending up disappointed, tired and demotivated? 

This is for you then. I am going to show you how corporate jobs can be your biggest motivators to become an entrepreneur. How to shift your mindset from a bad job situation to a motivation to become your own boss and become an entrepreneur.

I started my first full time job over a decade ago. I was young, still in college and had barely no idea what it is about or how am I supposed to feel. I have dreamt of nice offices, kind and helpful people, good salary and a proper work-life balance. Basically, I wanted what everyone else wants. Little did I know that such thing as a perfect job doesn’t exist. There is always something that won’t match your needs. Here is what I learnt.

1. The bad salary

At my first job I was a novice, I was still studying and becoming a credit analyst at a bank seemed like a big deal. I always imagined that those who work in a bank have amazing salaries. I was wrong, like so many other people who have the same perception. I wasn’t expecting my salary to be as the CEO’s, but I truly thought that the rest of the company does have a decent one. I was wrong.

The more time I spent there or in any other company later on, the more I realized that working hard doesn’t always mean money in your pocket, but it depends on many other factors: your boss, your relationship with your boss, other’s relationship with your boss,  how close you can get to the fire,  and how much luck do you have.

I knew even at that first job, that I hate the idea of being dependent on other people’s moods and ideas about how much I should earn. I thought it is unfair and it hardly meets my expectations. I wanted to be able to decide how much I am worthy and to know that there is no other person deciding on my future, only me.

2. The wrong department

If you are like me, you might have ended up once in your lifetime in a position that wasn’t your topic at all. The reason I did it was because back then all my friends were working in serious companies (investment banks, multinational companies) and I wanted to be part of that group.

It didn’t take too long to see, it is not the right fit for me. My interest and education were more towards creative topics rather than dry reports and countless numbers on papers. I didn’t feel good at all, because I wasn’t doing anything I enjoyed there.

Shortly I realized, I sould not choose my jobs based on what my friends are feeling good at and how could I be part of that group, but what makes me feel good. That is why becoming an entrepreneur was the best idea for me.

When you become an entrepreneur and you finally do what really makes sense to you and girl, that feeling is going to be amazing. When you find your own field of interest it will be easy to stay motivated, keep learning and growing and eventually you will realize that you can make money just by doing what you enjoy the most. And there is no upper limit to your salary,you can always earn more and decide how much your worth is.

3. The wrong position

Have you ever had the feeling that some jobs can be done without extra knowledge, because you can just learn what has to be done and that’s enough? I had this experience in one of my jobs. It was totally the topic I was interested in, but unfortunately the company’s structure wasn’t allowing too many options for the future.

I learnt everything I had to do, but after few weeks it started to be boring. I tried to get more tasks to fulfill this need of doing more, but eventually every task was just the same. Easy to learn, hard to keep motivated of.

When you have similar feelings, you should check in with yourself and see what is that you truly want.  I knew I wanted something more, something bigger, that there is much more in me and that my time was more valuable to spend it in a position I couldn’t grow in.

If you ever feel the same way, stop for a while and think this thourgh: How is this job make me feel ? What am I learning in this position? How is this contributing to my future plans? What can motivate me to stay here?

If you answer all questions honestly, you will know whether your job is the right fit for you.

4. The bad people

I believe that there are certain places that attract similar people, similar attitude, belief systems, bad energy – maybe because the management is looking for similar kind of people or it just happens. Yet, many of us ends up once in a lifetime in a company where people are a problem.

You certainly have no idea about this in the beginning. If you’d do, you’d probably never apply for that job. It takes time until you figure out the dynamics and see with clear eyes whose intentions are good and who should you stay away from as far as possible.

Something I’ve learnt in all of my jobs is to never let my guards down. I had to learn on my on skin that these people are not my friends and they never will be. Everyone is trying to reach their own goals and competition within a company can go really bad.

Working with bad people was one of my biggest reasons to be an entrepreneur. I got fired up of their behaviour and the way they acted behind my back. I got super motivated to build my own company where I can work alone and also have the power to choose  whom to work with.

I changed jobs and I am still working in a 9-5, but releasing the stress that bad people caused me was the best idea ever. Now I am a lot more experienced, I know what to expect from people and I am not stressing about it. I truly enjoy being an entrepreneur because I choose who I am working with. My time, energy and work is the most valuable to me, so is my menthal health and stressing about people who mean nothing to me doesn’t make any sense.

5. The boss

In the different jobs I’ve been working at I all kinds of bosses: the workalcoholic, the control freak, the incompetent, the lazy, the crazy, the clown and the know it all. There were from all kinds.

This might be the same for you and unfortunately it is never going to be perfect, but if you manage to see the situation differently, this could be one of your best motivator.

I am not saying I would be the best boss on the world or that I could do everything much better. I have been on the other side, I was a boss and I certainly had issues as well, but I learnt from them, so this is not the part where I am judging. This is the part where I am telling you how a bad boss could be your biggest cheerleader to build you own business.

Let it be a pusher, a controller, the one that embarreses you in front of others, the one who puts all his responsibility on you or just the one who never cares about you.  It doesn’t matter, because this all comes back to the same end – if your boss doesn’t treat you with respect, nor does he/she acknowledge your hard work – that can be one of the best motivators why become your own boss.

I had several wake up calls. You know when you get the signs but you just don’t see what they mean. Then there is one moment, when you get to the “this is enough” point and finally start to make changes in your life.

We all have this and I am here to tell you, you are not alone.

When you get to this point, you will become a different person, because you will act different. You will do things you’ve been just dreaming about before. And it is going to be AMAZING.

Trust me, I’ve been there and I can tell wholeheartedly, that this wake up call was like a match to a dry forest. I decided to take my life in my own hands, and this decision made me feel more confident and energized. The best part of it? When I finally took the control I saw the results shortly after.

So I am telling you, never forget that every bad work situation could be you biggest motivation for a better life. Could it be building your business, changing jobs or stating a new hobby. Whatever it would be, you have the power to change.

Now it’s your turn. Have you ever felt like your corporate job was your biggest motivator in becoming an entreprepenur? What helped you take action?

Leave a comment below and let me know. I’d love to read your stories. 🙂 


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