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Your website should be serving as a sales tool for your business 24/7. But in order for it do to that, it must be designed in a certain way to attract leads to your business. Follow the below tips and take action now.

Repetitive calls-to-action

Your website should be designed with certain actions in mind that you want your website visitors to take. Usually, those actions include joining your email list or inquiring to work with you by scheduling a discovery call or filling out a form.

For your email list, be sure to offer some type of resource, such as a complimentary checklist, workbook, or guide, that will incentivize people to join your email list.

And repeat these two calls-to-action multiple times throughout the website with bold buttons that stand out on your website.

A clear statement explaining the top benefit of your services

Include a statement in the first, top section on your website that quickly explains exactly what you do and the top benefit that it offers to your clients. Having this at the top of your website is important because not everyone wants to do “detective work” on your website to figure out what you sell. Make it easy to understand quickly, so you can capture the attention of your website visitors.

Elements that make you credible

Establishing credibility is important with so much fluff online and people pretending to be experts, when they really aren’t. So to establish credibility, be sure to include logos from any press features you’ve received, any companies where you’ve worked or where your clients have landed interviews – if you’re a career coach, or for companies where you’ve done consulting work if you’re a consultant. Having those logos on your website will show you have experience.

Also, include testimonials or case studies that show the results you’ve gotten from past clients. Even if you did the work for free, it still counts as a testimonial! And case studies are especially great for consultants and they can be really quick to create. All you need to do is write a short description of where the company or organization was before you helped them, the recommendations you made as a consultant, and the results they got after working with you.

An overview of your process

Having a strong step-by-step process is important for setting you apart from the competition in business. It’s especially important if you sell your services at a premium rate because for people to pay you more, they want to understand what you’ll be doing for them and what steps will be involved.

So I recommend including a short description of each stage in your process, explaining what the step/stage is and the top benefit your clients will receive after going through that stage.

A section about you

Lastly, include a section about you and your background and what makes you an expert at what you do. You can include any past work experience, education, certifications, etc. Clients who pay a premium want to be sure they’re investing in someone who knows what they’re doing, so don’t shy away from sharing about your background on your website to show off your expertise.

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