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If you are looking for a quick way to improve your brand aesthetics you can easily do that by using professional-looking images.

Studies show that the human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. This statistic alone should underscore the importance of using professional photography on your website.

Your website is a mirror of your business, it’s the frontline of communication between your business and your customers. You can provide in-person or online services, people will almost always visit your website before they come to your store or contact you for more information. Besides looking for the opening hours, your rates, and client testimonial they’ll be looking to see if they can trust you. If the images on your website are poor quality, generic, or inconsistent with your overall brand message, potential customers may view that as sloppy or a lack of commitment to quality on your end which is dead-end if you are looking to grow your business and offering a high-end experience.

Here are 3 ways you can improve your brand aesthetics:

Create your own branded photography

One of the cheapest ways to improve your brand aesthetics is to create your own branded photography. You don’t have to be a photographer or have any previous knowledge to do that. All you need is a selfie ring or a stand that holds your phone (or camera), some accessories that are in your brand colors or complement them, and a place where you can shoot your images (e.g in your living room, couch, table). Anything works. The advantage of this is that it’s a lot cheaper than paying for an expert and you can use the tools later on when creating content for your website or social media.
Pro Tip: Not sure how to set everything up? There is plenty of amazing inspiration on Pinterest and videos on youtube that can teach you a meer of seconds how to do it right.

Pro Tip: Not sure how to set everything up? There is plenty of amazing inspiration on Pinterest and videos on youtube that can teach you a meer of seconds how to do it right.

Paid stock images

There are plenty of sites that offer free stock images. They look good and can do the work, but there is a huge disadvantage to them – they are available for everyone, hence why they can make your site look too generic.
If you are an established business owner who wants to stand outgrow your business you cannot afford people to see the same images beginners (and any other industry) use on their websites – no matter how cool they look. So you must invest in quality, paid stock images that can do the job for you.

You can find amazing images on Shutterstock, Adobe, Depositphotos, Stockphotos, StockPhotoSecrets, Dreamstime, Envato Elements, Storyblocks, etc.

Brand photoshoot

Unique photos will distinguish your brand from the competition and what else could better do the job than branded photography done by an expert? To be fair, this can be a costly way of standing out, but certainly one of the best. Working with a professional photographer will help you create images that represent your business, brand, and you the best.

Make sure you are clear about your goals with these images, what they are for (website, magazine, brochure, etc), what are you trying to accomplish, and what is your budget. Bring some inspiration with you to give a better understanding of what are you looking for, and don’t forget to show your brand colors. (If you don’t feel confident about your current branding and you’d like to elevate it, feel free to reach out to me. I am happy to help you overcome this fear.

Finally, be open to new ideas – an expert will have more experience in what works for certain industries and can give an outsider view on how to boost your aesthetics.

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