The 7 Ps of how to make your website look more professional

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There are many different ways to make a website look more professional. Since we are starting from the website fundamentals I collected those for you that are essential.

1. Presentation

Presentation is the first way to make your website look more professional. For example, the logo,your website’s layout, the colors and fonts you use. It is mandatory to find the best combination of these, because that will show your brand identity.

As for the fonts, I suggest you to use only 2 types of fonts. One for the headlines and one fot the body copy. This will not just make your website more consistent, but also will load the site faster – which is important for performance and SEO reasons, that we will cover in another post.


Try to find colors that match your message. Even though you like dark colors, if you offer a daycare service or products for children, you should definitely use more colorful and bright colors. For a luxury jewelry brand the color could mean darker shades, more towards darks grey or black.

As for the logo, make it easy to memorize and/or easy to read. When you have a unique logo that stands out from the crowd and it is easy to remember, you customers will more likely choose your service the next time they interact with your brand. Use this onto your advantage and make sure you build a memorable brand.

2. Prices

How do you feel about those websites where there is no prices displayed and you have to ask for a quote?I certainly don’t like them. They make me feel that the price is so high, that they prefer not to show it and I kind of have the feeling that there is always some hidden cost.

They also make me uncomfortable, because I hardly reach out and send a text message to ask for the price.

I know there are services that are fully customized to the client, and each request can change the price – Yet I prefer to see at least a minimum price as a starting point. This makes me feel more comfortable and even though the price could go higher with all the additional benefits, I would still know if that minimum is within budget or not.

The second way to make your website look more professional and if you’d like to avoid high bounce rate on your website, go ahead and display your prices. Either the fixed ones – which are pretty amazing to see, this is the package, this is the price and what you can expect. Or put at least a minimum and what does that include but leaving the possibility open for more costs when the client has special needs.

3. Pictures

Nothing sells better than some really cool pictures about your product or service. People love looking at pictures and get insight of what the business is about.

The third way to make your website look more professional is if you use good pictures on your website you can show the feeling what your product / service brings to people who already purchased it. This will not just increase the trust within your potential customers, but they could also want to feel that way and will likely want to get your product to be part of that community.

Don’t underestimate the power of those pictures and spend some time – and money if necessary – to shoot some really good once. Trust me, it is totally worth it.

4. Problemsolving

Whenever a potential client or user goes to your website, they should be able to tell right away what your business is about. Doesn’t matter if it is a one page website or 15 pages, the first view that they get when they arrive to your site should have a clear message.

I encourage you to show, right in the beginning, on the hero image / space what your business is about and what problem do you offer a solution for in order to make your website look more professional. If people are not able to figure out what your business is about they will leave quite soon without any interaction on your site.

Try to find 1 sentence, just a few words that describe the solution you are offering. This will help them decide whether your business is the right decision for them or not. Don’t be afraid of the bounce rate then, those who leave might not be your potential clients and that is fine, but they can still spread the word about your website and share with others who might be.

5. Products

Be clear about what you are selling. It can be a product, or service, just share it. Be as specific as possible. Write down what is it about, why it is different, what problem does it fix, offers a solution for. Write down as many details as possible so your clients would know what they would get for their money and decide whether it is worty of not.


Speaking of worthy. If you are looking to make your website look more professional and you offer a highly valuable product it is even more recommended to share the specifics so that customers would be like “hmm, this is not a cheap product, but considering what it does / helps me with it is totally worth the money”. Same for services.

Don’t forget to include testimonials as well. Everyone wants to feel good when buying something – even those who are not emotional buyers – give them the feeling of being special and geting something really precious for their money.

6. Profile

Not many of us feel comfortable sharing information about ourselves and that is totally fine. I remember when I first did my website I didn’t even want to write about myself, and putting there a picture was totally out of question.

Then I read a lot of articles of why this is important and I paid attention to my reaction on those sites where I had no idea who is behind it. I realized that I felt a lot more connected with the site, person when I saw a pictures and some story about the person. And I started to feel a bit more confident about sharing information about myself on my site.

I know it takes time to reduce the anxiety that is around this whole topic, so I suggest you go slow. You don’t have to share anything super personal if that doesn’t fits you, nor a picture where you are facing the camera but feel really awekward about it. Focus on the main goal – to make your website look more professional.


Just take one step at a time: write 2-3 sentences of why the product / service is important to you and why do you think it would change people’s lives; or if you want to go a bit further, share why you started this whole business and what does it mean to you.

Regarding the picture, you can use one, where you are looking away, not even facing the camera, but use one where you are on it and has a really good vibe to it.

7. Phone

If you freaked out that I am encouraging you to share your phone number. I am not, don’t worry- although if your business requires it would be a great option 🙂

The thing is, ‘phone’ stands for the contact page of your website – and it starts with a P, so it fit into my 7P list. (shame on me, I know…)

Anyways, the last and probably one of the most important information you should share is your contact. Your potential clients should know where to get in contact with you, should it be for just a question or to purchase your products/services – you need to step out your comfort zone and give them the chance to get in contact with you. It can be an email address or a FB account. 

After all we all want to make money and sell our stuff, let’s make them easy to get in contact and purchase.


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