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When you are planning to create your own website – or a website for your client – it is good to know what kind of website types are out there, which businesses are using it mostly and what their main purpose is. You can choose to build one of these or create a mix of more website types, it is your free choice to make. In all cases knowing the differences between them and their advantages might be a game changer in your business.

1. Corporate website

This is kind of a “traditional website” used by big companies and organizations. This website type has a complex functionality. One of it’s purpose is to share information about the company and it’s projects. Obviously the biggest goal is to sell their products and services. Last but not least this type of website supports their relationship with their customers and clients giving information on how to get in contact.

2. E-commerce website

It is one of the most popular website types nowadays. It’s the best way to sell one or more products online. The purpose of these websites is to make buying a lot more comfortable, easier and faster. It needs special attention to the products and policies. Proper descriptions, high quality pictures,reviews and well detailed, understandable return / refund and delivery policies.

3. Project websites

These types of websites are only available during a certain period of time and their main goal is to deliver a message, share information about a particular project or event. These are like festival pages, event pages that are up for a few months, then they are taken down. Perfect for businesses that sell for a few months a year.

4. Non-profit/Fundraising websites

This type of website is overlapping a bit with the Project website types as it can be up and running for a certain period of time, but can be indefinite as well. The purpose of those websites that are built for non-profit organizations and fundraising is to share information about  their mission and collect money for a good cause or project.
Another way these types of websites got popular in the past few days is to fund startups. While previously these companies needed big investors to fund their business, now it is more common to collect money through websites.

5. Blog

There are 2 types of blogs. One is the personal blog, more informal, conversational style, written like a journal, shared online.Can be written  in any topic: travel, finances, reviews,etc.

The other type of blog is the professional one. This type of website is used to build credibility, increase trust, show expertise in a topic and make money.

6. Portfolio websites

A portfolio website is a perfect platform to promote your work. It is primarily used by creatives (e.g photographers, artists) to demonstrate their portfolio, skills and CV. It is good to impress people and future clients.

7. Brochure websites

The brochure is the type of website that is used by small businesses who advertise their services. These are mostly local businesses, like a painter, electrician or plumber. The purpose of these websites is to display the contact information, details about services and photos of previous works.

8. News / magazin websites

There are 2 main goals of these types of websites: to inform and to entertain. People visit these sites to get up to date information. Therefore their traffic is quite high. The main source of income comes from the ads displayed on the site. The more traffic, the more money can be earned through these ads.

9. Social media websites

I guess there is no need to explain this much. The purpose of the social media website types is to build community, connections and relationships. The most common ways lately to stay in touch with people, however it is used more and more by companies as well to generate sales.

10. TV/video streaming – entertainment websites

Similar to the magazin type of websites, the main goal here is also to entertain the users. One of the most popular sites is Netflix and HBO GO.

11. Educational websites

The educational type of website is used for online courses. The main purpose of these sites is to educate their users. Best examples are Skillshare, Udemy – but those websites that have a membership site can be listed here too.;

12. Portal

Portals are those types of websites where the content can be accessed through a login page. It is mostly used by schools and companies. The purpose of these websites is to store important information in one place. Kind of a shared site,  that is only accessible for people with the right accesses.

12. Wiki / community forum websites

The Wiki type of websites allow people to collaborate online and write content together. The main purpose is to cover as many topics as possible and have a huge variety of information available for free.

13. Bio website

The bio website types are mostly used in the publishing industry, such as authors and writers. It contains their work, biography, publications, contact information, reviews, comments and more. The main purpose of this website is to share as much as possible of the author’s work, how they are perceived by others and what is their point of view.

You might wonder, why do I need to know what types of websites exist when I am just starting out? How would this help me when I barely know what I want to sell?

Don’t worry, what you are feeling is totally okay, yet you have to trust me when I say that you can totally shoot for any of the above mentioned website types for your own business even if you just started.How is that possible? 


  • Check out the examples I suggest and make a list of all the ideas that seem useful and interesting to you. 
  • Think about all the information you want to display on your website right now and how any of the websited examples can be a help in that.
  • Brainstorm and write down every idea that pops in you mind. Don’t edit it, just write.
  • When the list if done, circle all those that seems the most appropriate for you business goals.
  • Try to figure out how to set them up on your website. This can happen by typing it in Google, asking people in groups on social media or even contacting your service provider to ask for help.
  • Take action and implement the idea onto your website.

I know this sounds easier than done, but trust me, it is only hard when you start it. It will get a lot easier later on.

Now it is your turn. Tell me what is your business is about and which website type do you think would be the best for it? Comment below and let me know. I would love to see your feedbacks.


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