Does this resonate with you?

Does it seem like you have a neverending to do list and you keep procrastinating on things like colors, fonts and what to post?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the different platforms you need to learn to grow your business online?

Are you spread thin with admin work, clients, business issues, branding, marketing, sales, website building and who know what else?

Wish there was someone who could help you, take some of the weights off your shoulders so you can start focusing on what you are really good at?

I help passionate businesses build a high-end, streamlined online presence, so they can offer premium experience, increase conversion, and expand their loyal client base.

I am here to create a beautifully branded and highly strategic website that supports your business growth for years to come. 

With a background working in consultation, design and e-commerce, I approach each project from a completely different angle - strategy and storytelling first.

So our work together will be packed with workshops of talking about your business, finding the true essence of why you do what you do and how you can serve your customers better. Then we top it with a gorgeous website that serves you in all that.

I saw so many websites looking amazing but not performing well. The reason? They lacked an overarching strategy. They didn't connect emotionally with clients and were overly complicated to use - or lacked a strategic consumer journey.

Guess what? You're in the right place!

The result you get while working with me

A highly strategic brand + website that builds your know, like & trust factor - and brings you sales.

Who am i?

Get to know me


Enneagram 4, INFP: Mediator


Early mornings

I wake up at 5.30 am on weekdays and often on weekends as well. I love the quietness of early mornings and to be able to focus just on myself. This includes RTT sessions, journaling, learning or working on a new exciting project in my business. This sets me up for the day and no matter what that day brings, I already took time for myself and what is important.

"Individualists may stand out to others from their unique choice of fashion, unconventional lifestyle and interests or creative works. Offbeat yet endearing, Individualists have a relentless drive to discover and understand who they truly are, deep down. Creation — not consumption — is the key to their well-being."

"Idealistic and empathetic, Mediators long for deep, soulful relationships, and they feel called to help others. They share a sincere curiosity about the depths of human nature. Mediators are compassionate and nonjudgmental, always willing to hear another person’s story. When someone opens up to them or turns to them for comfort, they feel honored to listen and be of help.

I copied this description here because they describe me so well. In addition, I am highly disciplined which I believe is one of the greatest virtues both personally and profesionnally.

Everyday workout


I was an energetic person even as a kid but as I became an entrepreneur and started working from home I learned how much it means to my overall physical and mental health to move my body every day. Not sure where I would be without these...but certainly less balanced and more stressed :) My workouts include running 3-4 times a week (around 20 km) and workout with weights 5 times a week. Top fav: Caroline Girvan!


I can mirror-write

I was born as a left-handed but schools in Transylvania back then kind of forced every kid to write with their right hands. So, I ended up with 2 pens in my hand and wrote with both left and right and the opposite direction in the same time. Really good way to disctract yourself on boring classes. :)
The way it looks now is that I can use my hands interchangebly in every area of life and I love to have this freedom.

Learning something new every day


I'm the person who is always looking for new ways to develop herself. Whether it is by learning a new language (ciao Italiano), a business solution or about everyday stuff, I keep my brain trained and entertained each day. This can sound tiring but I came to the realization that I feel at my best when I feed my brain with quality and useful information.

“ The investment paid itself off within a month."

"Working with Orsi was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my business. She helped me rebrand with an entirely new demographic, ideal client, logo, brand feel, website - all of it. And I was incredibly impressed at her ability to understand my brand, my needs, and be very good at what she does. Our calls together helped me feel connected to what we were doing and keep me on track and motivated for the work of overhauling a business. And the investment paid itself off within a month thanks to an incredible website that spoke to exactly what I offer, with a very welcoming, professional and easy client experience. I am so thankful to have Orsi on my side now and in my business. She is 100% the reason so much of my business works for me now, instead of me spending endless time working on it.


Yoga teacher & energy healer


“She really has just been a huge asset for me."

"From the moment of the purchase till even after the launch, she has been truly invested in my business. She broke things down in a way that I could understand and in a way that was just very clear. Working with her has been so much more than website design and branding. Orsi has a lot of experience working with a wide range of different company types and she is able to give great marketing and advertising advice, as well as sales tactics and other methods that have proven successful."


English teacher


“Your whole business process is a masterpiece"

"I felt safe throughout the whole journey. Before my website I was invisible, now I became visible and it is increasing my confidence. It is really surreal, having a website gives you a feeling that it put you on a map. I have learned a lot from you. Planning, how precisely manage client's expectations, how professionally you communicate, how amazingly set frameworks for our collaboration. Plus the hints and tips regarding communications. And you think about everything. Your whole business process is a masterpiece."


Fashion Business consultant


“I felt much more confident with my business ."

I had been successfully self employed and working from home for several years. But I was feeling very disorganized and parts of my business were not coming to together as they should. I was wasting a lot of time juggling different, unnecessary, small tasks. I am really proud of my the new branding and the customers love it. The new website has so many great features to help my business run smoothly. Free time and flexibility were the main, original goals of self employment and working from home for me and Orsi had helped me achieve that.




“A consistent, professional brand image and smooth systems to save time."

The website Orsi made for me looks great and also represents me. She has taken a lot of worries and stress that came with my old website away and had made my life much much easier. Orsi has great work ethics, does more, delivers more and she is very nice to work with. Very very patient and thats a major quality/skill.

- Welly

Nutritional therpist & wellbeing coach


“Super organized and clear. Helped me beyond expected."

My biggest struggle was starting. I think us having a set time frame and clear deliverables made it tangible for me to work away at what needed to happen. Step by step, I knew what was coming. For someone like me, who often sees the bigger picture, it is difficult for me to start because I forget to break down the pieces. Thank you for making it a clear, step by step process.

- Toma

Chef & food blogger


“I'm still in awe of the magical website transformation you did in just 2 weeks"

Working with you was great and I am so glad that I found you. You were thoughtful in your approach, responsive, and very creative. I really liked your onboarding process. It helped me think through all of the different aspects of launching my site. Likewise, your wrap up at the end of the project was equally good. I still refer to your videos and wrap up documents. Thanks for your help. I love the website

- Brandon

Beauty Expert, speaker, podcast owner


“You have really made me aware how I want my clients to feel seen."

You are incredibly consistent in your delivery and I really enjoy the amount of detail you put in your work. I really enjoyed working with you. I think we pushed eachother's drive and vision. It shows because we managed to get the best out of this project! I could not be more proud to have your name on my website because it is a true testimony of co-creation. Thank you for showing me that it is possible!

- Lulu

Life & wellbeing coach


“You're my go-to angel and business fairy"

I love that I can reach out to you anytime and you're always there for me. No matter the question I asked and the problem I shared, you always came up ideas and found the best solutions for my business. I feel safe and taken care of. You're methodical and super organized and can execute the job in midst of my chaos. You outperform and overdeliver. Every time.

- Nichola

Acne specialist


“Reduced bounce rate thanks to clear communication"

We really struggled with our old site not performing well. With Orsi we were able to get clarity on how to communicate who we are, what we do, and how to organize the information on the site based on user-experience. My team feels more confident with the new site, and we've built amazing relationships with our new customers thanks to it.

- Alejandra

Chief emotional officer


“ She held my hand through the process ."

"Working with Orsi was a dream. She was incredibly organized, professional, reliable, personable and very good at what she does! It was so nice knowing she was going to do exactly what she said she would, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much she took off my plate! She also really held my hand through the process and always met me where I was at."


Yoga teacher & energy healer


“Your approach to work, patience and professionalism to be admired and inspiring."

From start to finish, Orsi has been nothing short than amazing. The final design of my website was better than I could have imagined. I’m a non-techie person who needed simplicity and support. Orsi ticks all the boxes. The whole process was clear with easy steps to follow. Orsi was responsive, helpful and a delight to work with. I honestly can’t recommended her enough.

- Dunya

Yoga Teacher


“Working with Orsi was just a breeze. ”

She is knowledgable and if she didn't know something she would figure out how to know it, which for me was very professional and gave me more trust in her. I felt like she cared when it came to creating my page, rather than just doing a job, she took time to make sure what she created matched the rest of my site and so this felt very personal. Her friendly manner also makes her so nice to work with. I will defo be working with her again in the future. 

- Keeley

Self-love coach & mentor


“You were wonderful to work with, very patient and caring."

You gave me lots of ideas and challenged me to target the right audience and to focus my ideas. This clarity was much needed. I am so happy with the outcome.
I learned to stay focused and organize my tasks. The calls were really useful to stay on track with timing and to be on the same page.  I also found it helpful that you have a broad knowledge with clients in the same industry and could give me examples of what others do.


Fitness trainer & coach


“I have clear sense now of where I have a competitive advantage and how to get that message across in a compelling way to clearly defined market segments."

Orsi was much more than a web designer. She was a very effective thought partner in helping me shape my entire marketing strategy for. My market segments, product bundles, and messaging related to both became more refined through my frequent discussions with Orsi. Her sense of design and presentation is also top notch.

- John

Financial consultant

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Giving back

Supporting children

There are terrible things happening to people every day but the one that most breaks my heart is children who don't have the opportunity to learn and grow up because they're either sick or living in poor circumstances.
Every year I send 1% of my taxes to organizations that support sick children and those who have less opportunities in poor, rural areas.